This is something I dream about very often. With my digestive problems and frequent need to go to the bathroom, I spend a lot of time there. I really hate it. Any patterns on the floor, wall, whatever--I stare then to death. I see every possible way the tiles' pattern could flow, every speck of dirt and bit of nast, every line of vandalism. These things are an extreme tax on my mind. I spend my time in the bathroom thinking. I think my most important thoughts in the bathroom for some reason, and if I have all these things plaguing my thoughtstream, I can't think. So I need this ideal bathroom more than almost anything. Allow me to read from the Sarcasmo thoughtstream:
...rinal and toilet were of the same material after all.

It had a round toilet stall; no visible cracks, hinges, scratches, dirt, door, anything. The door was seamless. The walls were an emmaculately perfect and shineless white. The floor was absolutely smooth; no amount of friction would make anything stick to it.

The urinal was in between four foot deep dividers; they were that same white; no gloss and no dirt. There are no sports pages above the urinal; no anything. Just white. There was a session of pondering of a single black dot (perfectly circular and one quarter inch in diameter), but it was decided better without.

The sink was that same white, with a slight texture to allow absorption; water did not sit. The faucets were perfect chrome; the shine made up for the lack in the rest of the room. There was a strange open-faced sort of chamber set in the wall; the idea behind it was to wave your hands in the chamber and they would become dry. No explanation; it seemed to work by cha...

I know, sounds like it's straight out of a Kubrick movie. But it's honesty. I need this thing. It needs to be a standard even. With the walls, floors and other such things in the bathroom aligned with my ideal vision, the bathroom would become my perfect thought chamber and I just might come up with an revolutionary idea and change the world. Now if that's not enough motivation to redo all the toilets of the world, I don't know what is.

I was actually writing my writeup here as TheNastyCanasty "rescued" this nodeshell. It angered me. -sigh-...

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