Yay! (Today was a good day)
Nothing made sense today. Including that sentence, it looks like it falls sort into the double negative category, but I can't find the other negative.

The most voting 'action' (that is good and bad) I have for nodes are all logs. Seems strange to me. So I decided that since today was nice, and hopefully worthy I'd node here. (self-referential noding!)

I learnt about E^2 = M^2 x C^4 + P^2 x C^2, and of course about positrons in physics. (Not of course, by listening to our supposed teacher but by reading books myself.)

I understand now why few independant films make it as feature films. The quality of the few scenes we have shot for 'papercut' is bad. This does not add to the effectiveness of the film.

Papercut is itself about the journey of a man in search of his other shoe. He falls into despair when he finds shreds of his shoe in a smoking crater. Dealers take advantage of his deranged state and offer him something to ease his pain. Filter papers. Happy now with his filter papers, he continues to live out his life until, he is addicted. His life is destroyed because of this addiction. At the height of this, he collapses, falling down, landing face first into... his missing shoe.

Truly this will be a triumph of film, and a very indepth foray into the human pysche.