Also known as Spider!, it is a series of thirteen five-minute animated musical videos directed by Graham Ralph and sung by British entertainer Jeff Stevenson. The cartoons were created in 1991 and originally aired on the BBC.

The subjects of the cartoons are a boy and his pet spider. At the beginning of the series, the first song, "A Spider In The Bath" tells the tale of a boy who is afraid to go in the bath due to the presence of a very cute spider. The boy tries to put it down the drain, but the spider continues to come back and scare the little boy.

However, throughout the series, the boy and the spider become friends. Although the spider scares the boy from time to time, the two go on many adventures, such as joining a rock and roll band - with the 8-legged spider on the drums, of course - going on a hedgehog hunt, and going to school, where the feisty spider distracts the students from learning.

By the end of the series, the boy and the spider become true friends, which is also the name of the final song.

Even though this series was created for the preschool crowd, the pastel colors of the cartoons, the mellow sounds of Jeff Stevenson's voice and acoustic guitar, and the voices of children Casey and Holly Stevenson, the Spider! series appeals to children of all ages, taking us all back to a time where everything was innocent, and the only thing we had to worry about was a little spider in the bath, who means us no harm.