Charlotte's Web is a children's book about the friendship between a Pig, and a spider named Charlotte.

A little girl named Fern saves a piglet runt from getting killed by her father. She names the pig Wilbur. Wilbur and her share a great deal of time together. However soon Wilbur becomes too big for Fern to handle so she sells him to farmer Zuckerman. Fern visits the farm everyday, she sits on a milk stool and watches the animals. She soon realises that the animals can speak. Wilbur soon finds out that the Zuckerman's are planning on having Wilbur for roast dinner. Wilbur can't believe he cries and cries, Charlotte hears him and tells him that tomorrow they will meet and that he will not die. The next day the two meet properly and Wilbur discovers that Charlotte is a spider who spins webs in the barn, the two become instant friends. Charlotte thinks of a plan that will help to save Wilbur's life. With Charlotte's skills in spinning webs and writing and Wilbur's charm they set out to save the pig's life.

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