Words from the movie/cartoon "Charlotte's Web" to the song "Zuckerman's Famous Pig." The movie was based (and closely followed) E.B. White's children's book, which was also titled "Charlotte's Web."

The song was written by Irwin Kostal specifically for the movie in 1973 (presumably- the information is somewhat fuzzy. I'm pretty sure that Paramount Pictures owns the copyright).

Zuckerman's Famous Pig
(song is march-style, fast paced. Think barbershop quartet and you've got it)

Oh, Wow.
Look at him now
Zuckerman's famous pig
Sooey, what do you see?
The greatest hog in history
Fine swine,
Wish he was mine
What if he's not so big?
He's some terrific, radiant, humble
thingumajig of a pig
The terrific, radiant, humble
Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's, Zuckerman's,
Zuckerman's, famous pig
Zuckerman's, famous pig!

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