I am such a rock star.

Wow, I am so happy and I don't write day logs much anymore but I feel compelled to today. I need to commemorate this day somehow.

Today was the first time in three years and three months that I have played my guitar and sang in public, in a formal place where people I don't know go, and have those same people appreciate my art. It was definitely more than one of those polite you're not that great but we will clap anyway things!! No, no not at all.

First they looked surprised...

Then they looked happy.

They didn't want to get up to go to the bathroom. People outside heard me and stopped in. I kept going and going not unlike that stupid bunny.

I'm exhausted. I'm content. I'm thrilled.

I have got to do this more often.

WTF? Why all the downvotes people? I know that I am not the literary genius I think I am but daylogs are MEANT for the subjective things and I am noding joy!

Haven't any of you experienced joy before?