My first day gentle!

Well, I guess that it could have been worse...I could have had my ship bombed by the Japanese or something like that...

This would be day three of my nifty little illness. It is getting worse after I thought that I was finally kicking it. I have not been able to miss any work due to it, of course, since I had planned to take off Saturday so I can go to some little shindig for my boyfriend's, some kind of Christmas thing, where I have to pretend that I like people and possibly get very drunk just to mask the fact that there are other people there.

I do not think that I was able to get more than 20 consecutive minutes of sleep at all last night. I wore my watch solely for that purpose - to see what time it is when I am waking up yet again/lying in bed staring at the ceiling/rolling over and annoying the significant other for the thirtieth time of the night. He got angry at me because I kept coughing and he told me to go into the bathroom and take some Robitussin. I took enough to make me want to puke and came back to bed. It didn't help. He didn't notice.

I finally gave up at 6:00 in the morning. I got out of bed and into the shower. One hour later, I was in my badly-behaving car on the 30 minute commute to school. In between attempting to sing in my temporarily hoarse voice along to 764-HERO and praying to the road gods that my car make it all the way into town, the heater finally started working. One spot of brightness on such a day.

Yes, I skipped my first class. Again. It was just final review anyway, and I am going to fail that one for sure. Instead I sat on the box over the air intake and read stories by Philip K. Dick all morning. Then I came to the computer lab and noded around for awhile.

I have been up forever already and it is only 10:00 in the is to hoping that my brain will cooperate with me today and I will not convince myself that this cold is a terminal illness like I do every day, or that my car will not break down on the interstate, or that my manager does not yell at me because the people that I manage are stupid...I am doing all I can to keep this day as well from living in infamy.