Perhaps one of the oddest creations ever to grace the Web.

What it Does

The visitor types in a first name and a last name (or any random string of characters), and then clicks on the "Submit, Bitch!" button to learn what their Prison Bitch name is.

How it works

The underlying Javascript code is similar to what a beginning programmer would write for an introductory computer programming class.

The first section of the code is an array of Prison Bitch names that can be generated. Below that is a character matching function that matches up letters and assigns them numeric values. A variable is used to track the sum of all the numeric values of each letter.

A simple modulus operation is the key part of this program. Once the names have been parsed and a final total for the sum has been calculated, the sum is passed to another function where the mod operation is performed, and the appropriate Prison Bitch name is selected from the array. Once the Prison Bitch name is selected, the name is inserted into the web page inside a text box.

The Google cache of can be found at It appears that now requires a password to access.

Other Prison Bitch name generators can be found at:, and at