The one day that I was looking forward to all weekend: Taking my new Honda Civic out on the road on the first of many daily commutes to work. I think I burned up only a gallon and a half of gas on the way in. The speedometer was pointed at 70 most of the way in. No cops were around, and they could care less if someone was doing 70 in a 65. I was warned that a bright red car doing 73 in a 65 has a better chance of getting nailed than a car that is of a darker color.

After I pulled in and got the day started at the company I work for, the receptionist saw the car and liked the color on it. One of the sales guys came in next and I asked him about the car while giving him a message. He didn't notice it when he walked in. I didn't believe him. How could have he walked by a shiny new Civic that is bright red.

On my lunch break, I was on my cell phone, arranging for a couple business appointments through my company (not my employer). I was able to get one set for tomorrow, but I need to set another one that is more urgent, because it is regarding meeting space for a weight loss clinic.

Added 3/18/02 at 21:57 EST: Had more things that I needed to do. One of which is to set an appointment with a tax accountant that was referred to me. I need him to prepare my income tax statement. What's good about this guy is that he can come to you and all you need to give him is your tax documents, and he'll take over and give you back the completed forms and a bill for his services.

Next on the agenda was to retrieve an audio tape and get a few questions answered by the person that I lent the tape to. Sounds like this prospect could be my next customer.

My girlfriend decided to call me, but her cell phone kept cutting out, so we didn't talk for very long. It's much easier to have our conversations via ICQ.

Now I'm just waiting on laundry to come out of the wash so I can dry it and have it ready for tomorrow.