Ok, I like the idea, but I have some questions that I think need to be addressed. I realize this is a psuedo discussion but I think we need to figure this out first in the interest of avoiding future problems. So here are the issues I have...

What do I own?

I don't know, I am not a copyright expert. For original assignments, does the university own the assignment? Are the problems in a textbook protected by a copyright? Is stating the problem in our own words fair use? What about my homework, if I do it for a class and turn it in, do I retain ownership of my work or does the university then own it? If they hand it back who owns it? I don't know these things, I am just trying to think of all the problems I can...

What is ethical?

Let's say I node the solutions to all the problems I have in a class. What am I doing this for? Now, I like to have example problems to study from, but is giving away solutions really helping someone? I mean, for many topics many universities use the same book, so your homework can quite possibly be someone else's homework as well, and you could basically be doing their homework for them. While this is nice, are they really learning to solve problems by copying your work?

Whose solutions anyway?

In most of my courses, the instructors hand out solutions after the assignment. I would assume that is not my property to freely distribute without permission. So should I node my solutions, which may be incorrect? Can I reword the correct solutions legally?

How do I node it?

Most of my homework involves many symbols and formatting that can't be done in html or text easily. So how do I node it? E2 has not evolved to the point where I can attatch PDF's or anything to nodes. I can do the best I can with calculator syntax but that can be tedious to enter. I could do it in TeX, but even most of my peers have no clue what TeX is. I could do it in MathML, but no browsers support it yet and E2 doesn't allow MathML tags anyway. I could post the raw postscript for the document, but that would be rather large and unreadible. For an english paper this is not a problem, but for us engineering/math types this is a big obstacle.

How can I control it?

While I like sharing, and I do have one of my essays on here already, I don't like the idea of people potentially using my papers for their classes. Sure, I could put a statement up there saying that it cannot be reproduced without permission, but who is that really going to stop?

So these are my concerns with this idea...