A few more tips... I'm not a big marinade guy, I want the flavor of the meat. If you enjoy steak, don't go to your local supermarket and buy the USDA choice. These are ok, but if you really want good steak, you'll need to seek out some USDA prime. You're not going to find this in the local supermarket, you'll have to try a local meat shop or if all else fails, order from Omaha Steaks. The quality of the meat is very important, prime has a very fine marbling all through the meat which makes it very tender and flavorful. Now, I saw this on TV and tried it, and it was great. So here's what you do. First, you need a grill. I'm not going to get into a gas vs charcoal debate here, use what you got, but get a high flame going so that the flames hit the steak. We're going for a good charbroil here. Next, coat the steak with sugar. That's right, sugar. Just lay it in a bowl of sugar, don't get carried away packing a crust on there, you want a very very light dusting or it will overpower the meat. Now slap it on the grill and cook. The sugar will carmalize, giving a nice sweet coating that tastes fantastic. Enjoy!