As I stated in the chatterbox, I don't believe a community can have shame. Shame is based entirely on one's personal beliefs about what is right and wrong. Who decides what is shameful on E2? Well, I'd say the gods do, and their opinion is about all that matters. For the rest of us, we have our own limits, beliefs, and ideas, and there is no way everyone is going to agree on what one should be ashamed of, so I think this whole discussion is pointless.

I myself think there are a lot of really stupid social "rules" that people live by. One of these is not talking about our sexuality. How many times have you ever heard someone in real life say "I masturbate!"? I have never. Why is it bad? Well, because other people don't want to hear it because they believe it is socially unacceptable to discuss. Fine, they can feel that way, and I will respect their desire not to hear it.

In the case of the node in question, a topic was brought up and a discussion ensued. The biggest issue I see with this is that it's probably a GTKYN. But as for the content, well, I'm afraid I don't see the problem. No one was forced to read it. It was an honest discussion by several people, which I also thought was quite funny. I am not ashamed, and I see no reason to be ashamed of being honest.

I personally think we are all a lot better off being open about our sexuality. I realize that some people are not comfortable with this, which is why I would never force someone to listen and instead I would only discuss it with others who are comfortable with it. Now, all I can say is that if you go to a node called Where do I come when I masturbate?, well, what do you think it's going to say? If you encountered someone on the street discussing this, you'd walk away. You can do the same thing on E2.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not ashamed of any writeup that I've done here. If someone is ashamed for me, that is their right. If the editors are ashamed of my writeups, they'll get nuked. Thus is life. But I don't believe there is such a thing as too much information. There is information that is not pleasant, indeed. There is information that some may not want to hear as well. But that is life too.

Anyone wonder why this discussion never takes place over nodes about women nearly drowning while masturbating?

Go ahead, vote it down, you know you want to.