Coyote Linux router

An alternative to the Linux Router Project is Coyote Linux, it's the same idea, floppy disk install of Linux to create a inexpensive router, say to replace something like a LinkSys BEFRS41 or equivalent NetGear router.

LRP is more configurable, but really requires an understanding of Linux and probably a running Linux system to build and maintain the floppy.

Coyote Linux works the same, but also comes with the magical DiskCreator program, a Microsoft Windows application that asks you a few questions about your destination box (that old 486 PC) along with your WAN/LAN configuration and then goes off and builds the Linux floppy right there on your Windows machine. Throw the resulting floppy in your old 486 box, boot and you're up and running. No muss, no fuss and very little exposure to the underlying Linux itself. Now.... If you want to start playing with the firewall rules and port forwarding you'll have to get your hands dirty, but the same is true with LRP. Just seems like the Coyote was a shorter path to the same end.

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