SmoothWall firewall and router software

SmoothWall is GNU General Public License software based on the Linux kernel and open source software. It was designed to enable both advanced and non-technical users to have a ready-configured and easily maintained firewall and router. Remote administration through a browser makes it a doddle to set up - it also provides a wide range of reporting and statistical logging information. It handles everything from standard modems to ISDN, ADSL and cable modems.

My housemate and I are in the process of putting together a network to share 'net access throughout the house, served from a Cyrix P150+ with 64MB. We figured that this baby had to be better than a Windoze solution and Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing. It seems to serve the goodies from my cable modem with a minimum of fuss, and I am no Linux geek.

Designed by Laurence Manning and Richard Morrell, it runs on minimalist machines (a 386 with 8MB RAM is the bare minimum) although better results come with more processor punch and memory availability, but even a P100 will (allegedly) suffice for up to a dozen users.

The latest version (0.9.8) was released on the 2nd April 2001, and currently, all the authors ask is that you make a donation to the charity of their choice, the Dorothy Miles Cultural Centre for the education and support of deaf children. SmoothWall's website is at

Update: As at September 2003, the product has reached version 2, incorporating inbuilt support for the Squid proxy server, and the company has released many other products, including commercial-strength web filtering and commercial firewall product, Corporate Server 3.0.

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