The Dorothy Miles Cultural Centre was established in 1998 by the deaf American actress and teacher Elizabeth Quinn. Named after Dorothy Miles, the American sign language poet and playwright, Quinn set the centre up in Hampshire, in the South of England, to enable deaf and hearing people of all ages to communicate, and to create better understanding of the social and communication issues, in both hearing and deaf communities. She was inspired to do this after reading about a community in Martha's Vineyard, where a quarter of the inhabitants were profoundly deaf or hard of hearing.

The Centre is a non profit-making organisation , running courses and workshops for any and all comers. All tutors, whether deaf or hearing, use British Sign Language, and courses are available at all levels, basic, advanced, or "crammers. It is the favoured charity of the developers of the SmoothWall firewall software.

The Centre can be reached at:

Broad Fields
7 Southern Way
Hants GU14 0RE
(+44) 1252 521219

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