Quite simply, Deaf clubs are clubs for people who are Deaf or identify with the Deaf culture.

Deaf clubs usually meet once a week or once a month. Deaf clubs provide a place for the local Deaf community to meet, catch up, and plan future events. Surprisingly for a collection of people who are deaf, these meetings can be very noisy, especially when there is a party. (If you turn the music up loud enough, you can feel it.)

In most clubs, students who are Learning Sign Language are free to come along and practice. If you are learning sign language, most likely you will have been informed about the local deaf clubs, but otherwise talk to a deaf person about where and when their local club meets.

Another way to find out about local Deaf clubs is to contact your local Deaf education centre. The Dorothy Miles Cultural Centre is one such place in the UK.

They may be called something else in America, if they are let me know and I'll update this node

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