Invisible Monsters is Chuck Palahniuk's third book. It's mostly about this fashion model who gets her jaw blown off in a freeway "incident", and while in the hospital, she runs into Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, who is one strategic operation and lots of female hormones away from being a real woman.

The two join forces and drive cross country in an effort to exact revenge upon the main character's former best friend and ex-boyfriend.

Plot summary done, this book is absolutely hysterical. Bizarre, intriguing, and twisted, it is totally Palahniuk. The original version of this book predates Fight Club. This book is funny beyond words. I highly recommend it.

Some funny quotes:
Evie'd wear shades of lipstick you'd expect to see around the base of a penis.
I can get us back into the States, but I'm going to need a condom and a breath mint.