Many US States that allow beer to be sold in supermarkets or convenience stores only allow the selling of 3.2 beer in those stores. 3.2 beer contains 3.2% alcohol by volume. This pretty much means the only 3.2 beers are things like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and other such swill. If you want real beer you've got to go to a liquor store.

Mind you, federal law prohibits beer from having its alcohol content listed on the label, so the only way you know if it's 3.2 beer if by trusting the store and the distributor. I also believe in states without 3.2 beer laws, the beers that you do get have a higher (4-5%) alcohol content, but since they're not labeled, I can't tell you exactly.

Some states, however, don't have this restriction, and allow any beer to be sold in grocery stores. Some states allow hard liquor to be sold there. It's anarchy, people. Liquor laws are just bizzare.

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