I have now been at my job for over two months. This is my first proper employment since leaving university, and certainly the most money I've ever made - so why am I so reluctant to actually do anything?

I can see now what people mean about office jobs. At first I was overjoyed, but it's not actually what I want to be doing, is it? It's like filler. Something to allow me to eat and buy shelter, but it doesn't stretch far enough to satisfy me emotionally; yes, I could be here for the rest of my days, programming in a small office that used to be a broom cupboard. Or I could go out and see the world, write something, gain hundreds of amazing new experiences. We only live once, right?

The worst vice anyone can have is inertia.

So, I am going to start doing two things. The first is, every day after work (or even before work!) I'm going to write one thousand words of my book. That way, after a year I'll have a full first draft to play with. The second is, I am going to save up, and every three months or so, I'm going to go travelling somewhere new. Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas - it's all good to me. I want to see things. Partially I want to write about them, but mostly ...

Mostly I want to live.