somewhere along the line, darling
you became my favourite person
and I don't know where to shelve this feeling
'cause I know it's not appropriate
I can't keep falling head over
for each face that comes along
especially when it's you...
...and her cold voice trailed off.

I went to Portland. I started to write about it, then got distracted by life. If you care, it's in my secret place.

I hired a lawyer. I don't like my new house. I didn't swing dance last week and I miss it terribly. I love my jobs. School is hard but good. I thought I was going to get my money soon, but apparently not for another million years. My mother told me just now she's getting married.

Today was windy. Today between classes I stopped betweeen classes and it was windy and the wind flew by me taking up with it leaves, of every colour of mostly the rainbow of reds and yellows and they flew through the air and didn't stop and I saw the wind and it spun and it flew and I was amazed. and I use the word and a lot. The best part was noticing that everyone else was walking with their heads down, going quickly to class and not seeing the wind as I was. So it was like nature was showing off just for me. I liked it.