I'm bored. really really bored. this was day, um.. three? in my month off of school. 'cept for my math exam, which i can't help but fail. any of you goofs out there brilliant at first-year calculus, /msg me and we'll do a brain swap next week.

but i'm bored. i am bored of tv, bored of the internet and the mindless babble it holds, bored of no one being there on icq, bored of everything. i'm bored of playing happy housewife and taking care of the people who live here and don't clean up after themselves. i vaccumed. it was gross.

i could go out, christmas shop, but what's the point? that bores me too. i was gonna write long emails to people i owe them to, but they got short, 'cos i got, well, bored. i feel like a kid with ADHD. I have a few of the in my Beaver Colony. i can empathize with them, now more than ever.

i slept all morning because i could, now i've got insomnia and i'm bored