Heavy Weapons Guy

A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Heavy Weapons Guy is the slowest moving and most heavily armored class. He can wear a limit of 300 red armor. He uses the axe, the shotgun, the super shotgun, and the assault cannon. His grenade types are Hand and Mirv. An almost purely defensive class, the heavy weapons guy can kill any fully armored enemy with a few seconds of concentrated fire from the assault cannon. Mainly effective in open areas, he can be killed by weaker classes if they've got plenty of cover, due to the time taken for the assault cannon to spin up and down.

Assault Cannon:

It takes 4 cells to power up the assault cannon, and when it begins to fire it eats up shotgun ammo at a frightening rate. Due to the weight and kick of the weapon, the heavy weapons guy must have both feet on the ground to fire it. The Guy can move slowly while spinning the cannon, but can only fire while standing still. Also, the longer the weapon spins, the more unstable the heavy weapon guy's aim becomes.

Other Notes:

Due to his size and armor, the heavy weapons guy is not fazed much by injury. He gets knocked around less.