"We are going to get expelled."

"No, you are going to get expelled. I didn't do it."

"They're going to find you here too. You're not going anywhere either."

"Yeah, but I'm not the one with the smoking gun."

"They can't prove it's been fired. It's steaming a lot less than before and the cooler's going to shut off any minute. We could say it was an accident. It was an accident."

"A really dumb accident. You know you weren't supposed to pull the trigger that far. Those things are sensitive and only the training models have limiters."

"How should I know that? Where does it say that?"

"It's right there in the manual, the one you were supposed have read, remember?"

"Show me where it says anything about a pressure-sensitive trigger."

"It's right on... This isn't even the right manual! This is for projectiles!"

"...I brought that one by mistake. I did read the right one at home. Quit looking at me like that. C'mon, they're basically the same, aren't they?"

"Basically the- Can't you see the wall? And the other wall? And the ceiling, and the other three rooms, and the outside wall, and that building over there?!"

"Not any more."

"God, be serious! You are screwed. You broke into the armory, you put a 5-meter hole through half the campus, and when they get this crap off our legs I'm going to strangle you."

"Wasn't it you who broke into the armory?"

"I don't know how many regulations that covers, but I'm guessing it's all of them."

"Don't change the subject."

"OK, fine, it was me. But only because you were late."

"I was late because you insisted I read that manual."

"Too bad it was the wrong manual."

"It shouldn't even have mattered because how was I supposed to know you'd bring a real one? If it was a trainer it would have worked fine."

"A trainer would have barely made the lock warm. I had to take one of the bigger ones."

"It also would have been kinda nice if you'd said it wasn't a trainer before I fired."

"You mean you didn't even LOOK at it first?! How the hell did you pass basic?!"

"It felt like a trainer, OK? It's not like it says 'Not Training Unit' on the side in big glowing letters."

"It says 'M-820 Heavy Plasma Projector' right there. Does that sound like 'Training' to you?"

"But that's on the other side of the stock. I wouldn't have seen it. And you turned all the lights off."

"I turned the lights off because this was supposed to be a secret. And it would have been if you knew how to use that thing."

"I do know how to use it! It was right on target! And we're both still alive!"

"And buried under half a ton of concrete."

"But alive!"

"And going to get expelled."

"Well, here come the sirens. It was nice knowing you."

"Maybe if we explain that you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..."

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