Here's the breakfast version of the PBJ. Perfect for getting up in the morning, and it's a good source of protein in the morning if you don't like eggs or just don't have the time to cook eggs. I came up with the idea in school. Still eat them almost every day.

Cut a cinnamon-raisin english muffin in half. I prefer Sun-Maid brand raisin English Muffins. Toast both halves to desired browness. Spread peanut butter and preserves on each half. You can put the two halves of the english muffin back together, or you can eat each half separately. Your choice.

The breakfast PBJ, though, should only be part of your complete breakfast. Be sure to serve it with your favorite breakfast beverage. I find a tall cold glass of orange juice to be the perfect chaser. Cut sliced bananas on top of each half for added completeness.