The fluffernutter is munchie food. It is a really good sandwich to eat in the absence of a functional kitchen. 

Being a variant on the peanut butter sandwich, the fluffernutter is composed of marshmallow Fluff and nut butter spread betwixt two slices of bread.

In order to make a fluffernutter, one must first have Fluff. Should one happen to not be in a region where supermarkets carry this delicacy (Fluff is predominantly found in the East Coast of the United States, although the stuff likely be had in the Midwest, amongst other places) it is possible to melt marshmallows and corn syrup and a pinch of gelatin together in a pan on a stove in order to mimic Fluff (but that's a lot of work, you might as well order it off of or someplace). Any sort of easily slice-able bready substance may be used—even cake. While peanut butter is traditional, cashew butter works, as does the less pliable almond butter. Nutella will add an entirely new dimension to the classic fluffernutter.

If you're feeling crunchy, try this sandwich with chips.

First toast the bread lightly. Next select a butter knife and use it to spread the non-Fluff substance(s) across the bread. Next spread the Fluff. 

If you are seeking further vitamins, slice up a banana and layer that in there.

Unite the two pieces of bread and slice.

Enjoy. Chances are you'll need a napkin and a toothbrush after. 

If that's not enough cholesterol in one sandwich for you, consider frying the whole thing in butter (instead of toasting the bread).

Being both sweet and salty and high in carbs, this sweet treat will tide one over until proper nutrition may be had.

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