Take two eggs, crack into a glass and beat viciously after adding a bit of salt, a bit of pepper, a bit of garlic and a bit of everything else. Dump into frying pan that has been heated thouroughly and coated lightly in either butter or olive oil (margarine is not an acceptable substititute). Frequently fold down an edge of the frying mass and tilt the pan towards the exposed surface, to allow for the heat applied to the eggs to be averaged out. when the top is nearly solid (not enough runny bits to spoil this), slide your wooden spatula under the egg mass and flip it over. The bottom should be lightly toasted now. This would be a good time to put two slices of bread in the toaster. When both sides are sufficiently browned, turn off the heat and cut the egg into a toast-sized chunk. Place this on the freshly toasted... toast, and arrange the leftover bits to form a neat block. Cover with at least one slice each of sandwich meat (Mock chicken being my personal choice) and cheese (Kraft. Cheddar. Singles.) Add barbecue sauce, or ketchup (catsup) for those with a more traditional bent, and flatten firmly with the bottom of the frying pan. cut into two even pieces, and enjoy with a bit of amaretto tea.

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