Part of a letter I wrote to Anna today:

It's amazing how sometimes, when I think back to what it was like last year, I can sort sort of get back into that mindset, and almost forget everything that has happened since, almost be that person again.

How many times last year did I think about somebody, 'Wow, we're getting along well, I wonder if this could go somewhere...'? I thought it about you, too, of course, but for whatever reason, the answer was always 'Nah, that would never work'. But the whole time, we were becoming closer as friends, flirting without even realising we were doing it, moving towards that amazing conclusion, when we realised we were a couple, we were in a relationship, we had someone.

And now, when I come back from momentarily being that person again, and the memories come flooding back, the memories of how we got together, and how we've been getting so much closer over the past year, and more recently, the incredible time we had in your bedroom yesterday *grins*, I can't help but break out in a huge grin, and enjoy the tingles that run through my body, and say out loud the only word that can describe it: 'Wow.'

I love you.

I had an incredible weekend. Anna sent me an amazing letter after reading my daylog from Friday, telling me that she was distracted on Thursday night as well, and making me realise how beautiful it is that we even share the same mood swings now, a lot of the time. And after that, I got to spend most of the weekend with her, watching videos at her house, and sleeping as close to her as possible (we were on a couch, so if we didn't she'd fall off). *grins*

We watched Drop Dead Fred on Friday night, a movie I hadn't seen since I was a kid, and which takes on a whole new meaning when you watch it as an adult, especially when you watch it with somebody who's nearly finished their psychology degree. I'd write a node for The Parallels between Drop Dead Fred and Fight Club, but I don't have the skill. I can do facts, and I can do daylogs, but argumentative perspective nodes I can't do.

We went bowling on Saturday night, with Janine, which was cool (I won, just), then played a game of Dance Dance Revolution, hehe (I won, by far)... our legs were extremely tired after that though. Funny game, although I wouldn't play it if there were actually other people around that could see me, hehehe.

Anna had somebody else look at her car, hopefully they'll be able to get it fixed for a lot less than was previously quoted; they'll have to find a lot of second hand parts first though, so it still might take a while. I hope she can get it back on the road soon, firstly because it'll make her happy, and secondly so she can come over more, which will make me happy. :o)

Halloween on Wednesday, we don't usually do much here in Australia, but we're going to get dressed up in black (I think Anna is going to paint my nails black too) and go rollerskating with some friends, so that should be very cool. And then I get to sleep on the couch at Anna's again, so even better.

Even work has been OK today, I haven't been bugged too much, and I've actually been motivated to make some progress on the application I'm meant to be writing.

And the only bad thing about today now, is that I don't get to see Anna tonight. :o/

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