I wish the weekend would hurry up and be here. The middle of the week stinks, work is boring.

Currently at work we are playing with this speech software add-on. The idea is that when there is an error the software will say the error message out loud. Since there is not always a person sitting in front of the computer using the software.

Well it is weirding me out a little because a few weeks ago I was hanging out with the girlfriend and some good friends late at night. She was talking about this story she wrote about Fox Mulder and John Doggett from The X-Files. And of course it is the highest quality gay erotica.

(Why do women find men having sex to be such a good idea? Or at least why does my girlfriend think it is?)

Before I know it my friends have downloaded the story from her website and fed it into a speech program. And we spent 20 minutes listening the computer describe cuppage, smirking, and groaning. I guess any technology can be used for evil.

So now hearing a computer speak error messages aloud has me somewhat troubled.

Tonight I have several things I want to/need to do. I want to go see Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I also want to play the Diablo II Expansion Pack until very very late. But I also need to work on a webpage I'm designing as a side job.

Oh well its almost time to go home! ;-)