Ok, I've made up my mind.
No matter how much I have to cut on the unnecessary spending the following year, I am going to visit Tokyo. Like I stated in yesterday's day log, the intelligent choice would be to postpone the trip and live like somebody with a decent income for 13 months.
Well, screw intelligence.
I'm going to pass on impulsively throwing money away and go with the unforgettable experience instead. I only need to save up some 2500-3000FIM per month anyway, and that leaves just enough cash for all the necessities plus a bit more. So, why not?

After finishing this WU I have to prepare for moving to the next room. The company is really low on space, and I am being located into the old dining room. Well, at least I'll be close to the refridgerator.


Here I am, in the kitchen. It doesn't even seem that bad. At least I'm a bit further away from my boss, making him unable to breathe down my neck 100% of the time. For time being, I'm also the only person in this room, so there's even a small feel of privacy. Or not, thanks to the people walking through here to get food & coffee.
But anyway, I'm not entirely unhappy about the new spot. No sunlight is bad, no sunlight directed at my monitor is good.
I've got over an hour until going to meet my friend from Tampere at the bus station. Maybe I'll spend the time doing something useful.. like noding.

Btw, I'm drinking beer. I never drink beer. Except when I'm really thirsty and offered it for free. At least it's Lapin Kulta, which is the only drinkable beer I've ever tasted.

To be continued...

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