A polyphonic analog synthesizer with 3 keyboards. Released in 1973, with at least 7 units (but not many more) produced. The asking price in '73 was $60000.

The GX-1 features two 61-note (5-octave, C-C) velocity sensitive keyboards, plus a pressure sensitive 37-note (3-oct) one. Also featured are a pedal-board plus a ribbon controller for modulation.

The synth offers 8-voice polyphony with one monophonic voice. Each poly voice consists of 2 VCOs, a 2-pole low-pass VCF, one LFO and two Envelope Generators. The sounds can be coupled and layered with the mono voice as the top note. Programming the sounds is done via a set of "hidden" miniature controls.

Yamaha later used the GX-1 circuitry in the CS-80.

Famous users include Hans Zimmer (who bought his from Keith Emerson) and Stevie Wonder (who called it "a dream machine").

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