12:56 EET

Since I don't trust my busted leg enough to ride a bike yet, I'm going to work using public transportation. And I don't mind it at all. For a relatively cheap price (Ok, it could be cheaper) I'm able to just sit back and enjoy the scenery not needing to worry about traffic, because a skilled driver is taking me to my destination. Not to mention I am fighting pollution by not selfishly driving a privately owned car. :)

In many larger cities around the world the buses/trains/subways are filled with criminals and urine, making them pretty undesireable to travel in. Luckily this is not the case in Hämeenlinna. Especially at this time of year, as the 10 o'clock bus starts to look like geriatric express. It's mostly just the elderly, with a few people like myself going to work. On the evening bus? Same thing. Even on weekends it's safe. And since us finns are a notoriously introverted nation, one doesn't have to spend his/her time attempting to come up with interesting smalltalk with a fellow traveller. ;)

Ok, time to stop this senseless noding and get back to work. There's plenty of time to node later, since the office will be empty again after 3 o'clock. Finland vs. Sweden in the hockey championships, you see.

I think I'll skip lunch and eat at Carrols at my way home.
Mmmmmmm.. fattening...

20:02 EET

It's been a storm outside. The cable has been out of order for a while and stuff flew to our yard from the house under construction in the lot next to us. That's pretty much as hard as storms get in southern Finland.
I hope they get the cable fixed though.. I wouldn't want to miss taping the Northern Exposure rerun.

By the way, we beat the swedes. Woo-hoo. Times like this make me wish I cared about hockey or the constant competition between the two neighboring countries.