I originally intended to bitch and moan about stupid clients, mean bosses and inhuman deadlines.. But then I realized I've used the day logs for way too much whining in the past. How come it's only negative stuff that gets me writing in here, I wonder.
In any case, I will spare you for my usual manifestations of dissatisfaction and attempt to type something more than 2 noders may be interested in reading about.

But I have to mention that 38.5% is too damn much.
I wonder if my firm would like to open a branch office in Monaco?
Ok ok, I'll quit now.

Influenza has apparently struck Hämeenlinna hard. An entire store was closed downtown due to everybody being sick, and at home my mother and sister are in a terrible condition. I'm counting on my world famous immunity to get me through this unaffected. But with my infamous bad luck I'll be perfectly healthy until friday, and recover just in time for monday morning.
Break - positive attitude since 1979!

I just noticed I've been messaged by someone on SparkMatch. She seems very nice, smart and, um, compatible. Hell, she more or less resembles a female version of myself.
Sigh.. I should've made my ad as unappealing as possible (read: honest) so this wouldn't happen. I only did the test to represent The Everything Family™, and now I have to crush somebody's high hopes by informing them that in reality I am not a guy anyone would be interested in romantically. Friendship is something I'd be fully capable of, though. I hope it isn't completely out of the question...

By the way, thanks to simonc for trying to help me overcome the E2 inactivity syndrome that has been affecting me since December. I've got so much to add, that a few nodes per week isn't enough...

You can help too! Whenever you see me wasting time on the chatterbox instead of creating new writeups, just do something like this:
Thank you. I appreciate your assistance.