14:53 EET

My ass hurts.

And so do my shoulders. I got on the bicycle last night for the first time since autumn 1999, and after only approx. 15km I'm pretty sore. Sigh, I really need to get in shape.

We had a nice night though, 3 guys around a campfire with some weed, white wine and stuff to grill. This used to be a tradition every summer a few years back (without pot and alcohol though), but since most of the posse has moved from Hämeenlinna and the rest of us being busy most of the time, the whole custom has sort of faded away. Still, it was nice for a change.

ReXX has sent me approx. 20 SMSes from the electronic music festival held in Turku. Damn him! I already regret not dragging myself there without him reminding me about how cool it is every 5 minutes! :)
Speaking of fellow finnish noders, Card is one finn not complaining the summer TV programming here. They've managed to fit several documents of tasteless subject matter into tonight's schedule. And what could be more fun? If you ask me, a lot of things. But I guess there has to be something sick on since all episodes of When Animals Attack have already been broadcasted.

Time to continue working on the Big LightWave Project™. Four months until the deadline, but there's a lot of difficult and taxing work to do...

Track of the day:  DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access
Yeah, a classic! :)