Blood & Shit & Roses

Fucking bloody catastrophe - another chapter closes,
Another fucking episode of blood and shit and roses,
More heartbreak, more soul ache - shrapnel wounds galore,
Everyone's a "winner" in the middle of our war.

Words as weapons, verbal violence with express intent to maim,
Hurt the ones you love the most, then apportion blame.

Neither one giving nor requesting quarter,
Once it was love, now it's marital slaughter,
Where anything goes, no insult too low,
The dirtier the punch, the better the blow.

Last rites were replaced with bitter bile,
Each the accused in our own twisted trial,
Pleading innocence as the vile stench of guilt
Slowly escaped from the house that lies built.

We thought the grass was greener,
but the lawn had fucking died.
Despite it being watered
By all the tears we cried.