Farewell my concubine

Farewell my concubine 
no longer to be my white-armed Hera 
never again will I run my fingers through 
you’re golden Aphrodite 
Le Femme Fatal, beware the goddess 
who’s bullets aimed true? 
You slant your eyes at me 
and I melt all over you. 
Eclair!  French Amazon! 
Amazonis gaulica! 
Your voice like Monroe on a hot day 
your body like a plentiful earth mother. 

In Black and white 
you came out best 
In purple and red 
I took you to bed 
sweet raptures of snowflakes 
and pine needles stuck in your clothes 
after sex in wild places 
you’d never been before. 

Under willow trees where 
Nymphs play 
I made you mine 
my concubine. 

Your smile was the sweetest 
thing I missed the most. 
But in silver and black 
you won’t come back. 
Because I’ve driven you out of my life. 

I treated you 
the whore 
and came back 
for more 
but always I hid things from you. 

I quelled the friction 
before it sparked fire, 
but still all things must come to pass 
even though I loved your ass. 

I grew up and you 
grew away 
gone off to become 
Queen for the Fairies 
of Disco-Rave. 

I always knew that 
you were a Nymph 
but I never knew 
that you were mine. 

So fare thee well, my concubine 
for that is all that you were 
I treated you the whore 
intellectually a bore 
and now I leave you behind. 
You have your Fairies 
and I have my memories 
as I search on for my 
Athena amour.