Hi everybody! – I hope you’re all doing good and had a nice weekend! I know I did. Our soccer team won our first game of the season 3-1 on Saturday and then I went to watch the Ohio State women’s volleyball team play that night. It was fun.

My birthday is coming up soon and I’ll be 9! My dad keeps asking me want and I keep asking him to surprise me. I like surprises! Halloween is getting close too. I get to go trick or treating twice, once at my moms and once at my dads.

I wrote a poem last night. I hope you like it! It’s called “Cool Water”.

Cool Water

Cool water, against my feet,
Cool water, flowing to the beat,
Cool water, seeping all over me

Blue rain pours down with every thought,
The rush of warm air reaches my senses,
I have awakened from my dream,
And I smile.

Every great mind is not alike,
And it blooms like a red rose.

I’m working on a couple of more and I hope I finish them soon. Bye!