American TV journalist. He received his B.A. from Marist College and M.A. degrees from Boston University and Harvard University, and he also was at one time a high school teacher. These facts combine to make him a more than somewhat uppity asshole... who is nonetheless very knowledgeable about certain things every now and then.

His show, The O'Reilly Factor, airs at 8 and 11 PM weekdays on Fox News, a major conservative cable news network in the US owned by Rupert Murdoch (making it a sister of the similarly conservative New York Post and Sky). Before landing his job on Fox News, he was a correspondent for ABC, and visited exotic and lethal places like Nicaragua. He was also an anchor of a TV tabloid show.

O'Reilly calls his show a "no spin zone," meaning that it is free of political slant. Of course, it rarely is: Bill constantly debates in favor of his own narrow conservative viewpoint, which makes most people in America either love him or love to hate him, and in either case ensures that his ratings remain the highest in prime time cable news.

He is against the death penalty, Eminem, Bill Clinton, and the September 11th celebrity benefit. He likes subjective jurisprudence and the First Amendment. Oddly enough, he seems to have a soft spot for student activists.

In a nutshell, Bill O'Reilly is the Andy Rooney of the 21st century: a terribly rational codger who seems to think the whole world is going to pot, and who entertains many people by complaining about it. Unlike Andy, though, he manages to keep his rants topical, and he can BS enough to draw them out for an entire hour.

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