Before we get to Anna's latest offering, I have a few words to say.

A while back I wrote a daylog expressing my concerns about a recent bout of serial downvoting that the wee one was experiencing. Recent events, combined with the many messages I received have caused me to re-consider that decision. I have since deleted the daylog in question. People that are much wiser than I'll ever be offered advice and consolation along the way. One user who shall remain nameless probably put it best when they told me something along the lines of "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

Maybe I'm too much of an optimist but I still believe the forces of good will always prevail in the end. Maybe I just needed some reminding.

Thanks for hearing me out and without further adieu.

Hi everybody! I hope you're doing good. I wrote this the other day when we in the hospital waiting to see my dad. He's doing better but I'm still nervous about him. It's called "Poison" and I hope you like it.


First, the taste so bitter
It starts inside her mouth
She asked for something sweet
But they don't know what it's all about

She can feel it going down her
The twisting and the turning
She knows there is no antidote
It's something that she's learning

She's regretful for her foolishness
Of which she had just done
It's burning strong and powerful
It's almost like the sun

Her body starts to weaken
And everythings a blur
The people don't know and the people don't care
Of that she is quite sure

As the time went gently by
She went and researched that thing
The only word she learned was death
And in her ear it rings

She gives in to her misery
She gradually starts to die
But before the process was complete
She asked herself "But why?"

Why should this have to be?
Why can't I just live?
The one thing that I want the most
Is just for people to give

She wanted people to share
She wanted there to be world peace
She wanted there to be no hunger
There should be that at least!

She pondered on that thought
She feels her soul is draining
She knew that it was time to go
She felt her heart beat fading

She sat there in her bed
And gradually and painlessly she died
The one last thing that crossed her mind
"This is why the people cried."

People rarely share
There is yet to be world peace
Everywhere there's hunger
And there shouldn't be at least

Bye! /me says Standard disclaimers apply