Dream #1

I was in the gym it was physical education and I was the only boy in class. Today we would have to throw deflated footballs as far as we could. Everytime I tried to throw the ball it would only land a couple of feet in front of me. The teacher found this so amusing that she said she could probably find a kid in the lower years that could throw further. She went off and came back with such a kid. Of course you know what happened next; the kid threw the football further than me. All the girls started to laugh at me. I picked up the football again and tried to throw it but it was always so heavy when I tried. This ain't no frigging dream this is a frigging nightmare!

Dream #2

<TMI>Wet dream, four guys and a girl (sounds like a frigging porn-a-like of four weddings and a funeral don't it?). Mental note: must find a girlfriend soon..</TMI>