Damnit dizzy you should know better already...


Dream #1 (partial)

I'm really pissed because I had this dream down so vividly and I simply assumed that I could remember it later on. *rolls his eyes*

I was inside a pyramid and was staring at two rooms. One had the mummies (which one had already escaped) the other was a room filled with high tech equipment. I think I was part of a research team there. I remember seeing the mummy escape, but I can't remember anymore of it. Sorry.

Dream #2

I was pushing a pram with my sister. These group of surly juveniles kept giving me stares. As we got closer to Westbourne Park bus garage I finally said "Fuck you looking at me for?" to the leader. At which point he said "Are you starting something?". I grabbed in and started to punch him repeatedly in the face. He drew a knife out and I managed to disarmed him. To teach him a lesson I stabbed the knife into his hand. He screamed.