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I was waiting at Euston station then I saw my two friends Hina and Shelia run past. They gestured to me to catch the train on platform 11. One problem that was the wrong train. So I start to run after them carring my 24 pack of beer, which is bloody difficult to do! I just barely managed to catch them up, they were at the front of the train (usually where the train driver is except there wasn't one). I tried to motion to them they were on the wrong train. I was gonna jump on the train cause I saw a lil gap, but I felt the train moving too fast to try to board it. I also had this weird feeling the train would try (as if it was an animated object) push me off if I tried.

I think we were meant to be going to some party - I keep seeing images of a house party I'd went last year. Anyway back to the train station.

As I started to walk back to platform 10 I managed to drop my box of beers. This guy who resembled my old lecturer Donald from my days in technical college said something. Oh one thing about this guy he was like a teenage version of Donald -- I figured Donald to be about 35 when he was teaching me. I figured he had mumbled something like, "you're lucky that didn't touch me!". I was so incensed that I ran after him. Luckily he was catching the same train as me.

I kneeled over this dude and asked him what he had said to me. He kept mumbling I couldn't understand what he was saying. At some point I realised he had not said what I thought he had. People kept looking at me cause I couldn't understand what he was saying most of the time, I had to keep asking him to repeat himself. I can't recall what we talked about, but I felt it was some pleasant chit chat. Then these two women who were sitting next to me; one was about 60-70 a-typical granny looking and the other was about 40, motioned to my new friend and then begin to sign. The kid was hearing impaired! Here's the bizaare thing; his voice was more of a strong deep Scottish accent with a mumble of sorts.

Reasons for dreaming some of this stuff:
  • Catching the train at Euston is like daily routine.
  • The young kid with the hearing impairment was probably because I watched this program called "See Hear!" last night. This program is for the hard of hearing and contains signing.
Things I'm stuck on:
  • Why I dreamt of my old buddies from my HND years.
  • Why I was carrying a 24 pack of beer.
  • Why I saw someone who reminded me of an old lecturer.