My course leader asked me if I had a job, I said "no", so he said, "you have now", and gave me an envelope addressed to somewhere in the USA and said that "if you don't deliver this by 4:00, you will have to go to essex (county outside London) " so I went off in search of a postbox and I was home! in the small town where I grew up! and I met all my friends but I couldn't talk because I had to deliver a letter and I got to the letterbox and it was 16:03 and... I woke up.
Ok. Bye.
Do you ever have those weird ex-girlfriend dreams? Like you go out on a date with someone and you had a great time, but you get home and go to bed and dream that you're still dating an ex.

I woke up feeing really weird.

Then I fell back asleep and dreamt that I'm a pez dispenser.

I was in a public place, waiting in line. I wasn't with anyone I knew, I was surrounded by strangers. A group of girls started flirting with me. I felt uncomfortable. They weren't flirting in the normal girl way, they were being very blatant and agressive. I said something like, "Why don't you walk all over me while you're at it?" One of them pushed me over, and I felt a foot on my stomach.

i was in my room, sitting in my chair when i started to play withs my keys. i have a minature figurine of vincent from the video game final fantasy vii attached to my keys, so i often twirl him around my index finger unassumingly when i am bored. after doing this for several hours, i started to chew on the plastic figure. the rest of my dream is rather hazy, but i'll be damned if i could not find my keys anywhere as i left the house departing for school. now i am at home, at my computer, and my keys have yet to be discovered. . .i think now would be a good time to panic.

- / +

slipping into cool water, feeling it fold around me seamlessly.

then a lot more of that. It was nice.

not many dreams on weed nights, dunno why, I guess I trade in my imagery early.

I think I'm going nuts.

This has been happening more often than I'd like to admit. So i gave a friend the key to my gun locker and told him to hang on to it for a week or so.

I'm scared. I'm having weird mood swings and I'm not sure I am holding on to all the impulse control I normally have.

So I get this urge to kill someone, anyone. Damn, I don't have the key to get at my arsenal. I ask my friend politely to hand over the key. He declines. So I kill him. Not that hard, just a bastardization of a move I learned from wrestling.

I now have my guns. 2 pistols, one 12-gauge semiauto shotgun, one .50 caliber rifle with telescopic sights.

This is a Bad Thing.

To make a long story short, everyone I know dies at my hands. It was freaky. I woke up crying.

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