We're interviewing at work for a Network Engineer, to take the heat off our poor overworked Network Administrator. One person to support 150 people, 75 of whom are developers is not good.

I get involved because I oversee the network, amongst my other roles.

This was the first time I've been the interviewer, it was weird being on the other side of the table. I tried so hard to prompt information from the applicant but to no avail. Never lie on your CV/resume.

His CV said

  • "I have configured and supported TCP/IP and DHCP servers"
    I asked "How did you configure the DHCP servers?"
    "Ummm I didn't, I set the TCP/IP settings to DHCP."
  • "I have supported web servers"
    I asked "What does it mean if you can ping a server but you get no response from a browser?"
    "Ummm TCP/IP settings are wrong"
  • "I configured and administered backups"
    I asked "What tape drives where you using?"
    "Umm I never saw the machine, I just checked the log files"

Great. "NEXT!"