Alright I'm pissed off with nodes that don't credit your source.

Someone, who shall remain nameless but who is of a level that should know better, has been noding the contents of a web site. There have been around 40 nodes, all of which have had a good score on them and quite a few have been cooled. All from web site, whose owner I vaguely know. I have been after the noder for over a month to do the decent thing and either a) pull the nodes or b) credit the source. Lo and behold I see an addition to the index node for their little noding spree, siting the web site as a reference. Reference? It's not a damned reference. You've ripped the whole thing off, word for word, with the odd trimming of a sentence. Thats not a reference, thats copying. Add onto that cheekiness is the fact you're getting cooled for it. I hope you're happy with passing off other's work as your own, because I'm angry, and they might just cancel out.

This is not to say of course I haven't done cut and paste writeups before, but I've been slapped for them, I've done the decent thing and changed or pulled them. I'm no angel, but this takes the biscuit.