A review on first impressions.

Starting with an echoing, synthetic, breathy swirl in Everything in it's right place, you are prepared for the extra bass and beats unlies the new albumn.

The child like nursery tune that carrys Kid A is almost swallowed by the heavy electronic treatment of Thom Yorke's voice and artifical drum beats, but still hugs the ear. A period of just drum and bass appears towards the end of the track, with strings hovering on the outskirts.

National anthem starts with a heavy bass, coated with rising and falling synth. Feedback abounds, along with what feels like random notes. As York's voice drawls into silence, jazz appears. Saxophones and muted trumpets play and scream over the continuing base line, with vocals fighting to be heard.

How to disappear completely quietens down, with vocals simply backed up by guitars and piano, eventually swollen by simple percussion and strings.

Treefingers comes over as a ambient, slow Cocteau Twins track. Electric based without much movement and no vocals.

Optimisitic reintroduces heavy guitar work, with a obvious riff and beat twisting throughout the track. A slight reminder of Karma Police comes through.

In limbo pushes out bass with vocals muttered. As Yorke's voice raises the bass and echo rise with it, sounding like a self indulgant competition. As the track ends it is hard to tell which layer has won.

Idioteque begins like an 80s New Romantic synth driven tune, and sounds heavily influenced by Talk Talk

Morning bell plays with quiet feedback and beats, interpersed with rising guitars over vocals. It feels like listening through a smoke filled haze.

Motion picture soundtrack leads with organ music, feeling almost religous, a feeling backed up by harps and backing choir.

Whilst not up to the standard of OK Computer, there does not seem to be a Karma Police or Paranoid Andriod, it is worth buying to be swamped by the music as you sit in the darkness, chain smoking, contemplating life. This should not, in my opinion, be your first Radiohead CD.