This Radiohead track was written by Thom Yorke a little after the release of OK Computer. The story behind it goes:

Thom bought a house.

The house was deserted and Thom lived in it mostly alone, he didnt even bother to furnish it...

The house was haunted.

All of the odd things that a happen in an haunted house happened in his home.

Thom recorded 'Morning Bell'

In an odd/paranoid mood the track was laid down on a portable recorder.

The House became angry

The tape of 'Morning Bell' was destroyed by a lightning strike during a thunderstorm.

Thom forgot the song

And was very angry with the ghost.

Thom came to grips with his demons

And a few years later remembered how the song went during the recording sessions of Kid A.

With lyrics inspired by the ghost, the track that we know as 'Morning Bell' was born.

Thom excorcised the ghost

It was living in the plaster of the walls. When Thom refurbished the home, the ghost left with the sheets of rotting plaster.

Thank you to for information on this story. It came from one of Thom's recent interviews.

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