Blender is a trendy restaurant in Amsterdam slightly off the normal routes. It is situated to the west of the centre just south of Westergasfabriek, for those who know some of Amsterdam's geography.

The interior design is great. The restaurant is housed in a 120° slice of a circle shaped building. In the centre column is toilets, followed by a few tables, the bar cum kitchen area and finally more tables. That means that there are plenty of window tables around the circumference.

The style is very urban and remind me more about New York or London than Amsterdam. Part of that I think is the generous bar in the middle, but also things like the rounded chairs, spiny table and theatre/disco style lighting helps to create a really good ambience. In the evenings they also have DJs to put a nice layer of music on top of that.

The food is good to great, albeit a little pricey with Amsterdam standards. December 2001 that means around €10 for a starter and €20 for a main course. The only complaint I have is that the kitchen is too small, so sometimes it can take long before the food arrives. I once had to wait 2 hours(!) for the food to arrive. In their defence I can say that that the staff is nicer than is normal in Amsterdam as well, so it's worth the price.

If you decide to go I recommend, firstly, to book a table and, secondly, to print out the route description from their web site, since there are still taxi drivers who don't know where the street is. That it's not on most maps doesn't help either.

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