Growing up in Wisconsin, where cheese was pretty much all we had going for us, I took the opportunity to do some experimentation on this subject. I found that alloys of various cheeses made for the best sandwich. Some examples:

  1. cheddar and mozzarella: A combination that anyone can do, without getting into your more exotic varieties. The result is a flavorful sandwich with good chewy texture.
  2. Monterey Jack. Not just normal MJ, which is pretty mild. We had access to cool varieties such as pepper jack, in which ground jalepno peppers were added to the cheese at the whey process.
  3. cheddar and swiss. Two strong flavors. If you aren't fond of cheese to begin with, you probably won't like this combination.
  4. Meunster. When we were feeling a little gourmet. Only try this when you feel gourmet.

If you like to use just American Cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich, please hard-link your name below, so I can track you down and kill you.