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This Saturday, November 16, 2002, the E2 Dayton Noders' Auxiliary of the Infamous Columbus Posse is hosting the first noder gathering in the Dayton area. This is not your typical gathering, however--it is a gathering to celebrate CHEESE AND ALL THINGS CHEESY, celebrated on the second-cheesiest day of the year: Cheese Day (Observed). Noders staying overnight will be taken to brunch at the Gypsy Cafe in Yellow Springs. If nothing else, this meal, which will cost you less than US$15, will be worth the whole trip.

Who are you?

I'm Batman.

Where is it?

It's at my place. The address is 2570 Gleneagles Rd, Apartment E, Fairborn OH 45324. phone: 937-429-3572 To get here, you will want to get on Interstate 70 or Interstate 75, the two highways which cross in Dayton; I-75 drivers will want to get off at I-70 and head east. Once you're on I-70, take I-675, the Dayton pseudo-beltway, south. Take Exit 20 and turn right onto Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd. As you come up on a BP station, turn right immediately before it. If you miss this turn you can cut through the BP lot and make a left onto Gateway. You're on Gateway Drive, so drive. Gateway ends; turn right on Valle Green. Valle Green ends in a church parking lot; praise the Lord, and turn left onto Dutch Mill. Dutch Mill ends; turn left onto Countryside. Countryside ends; turn right onto Autumn Creek. Autumn Creek ends; turn left onto Quail Run. Quail Run ends; leave this development full of T-intersections and turn right onto Beaver Valley Road. Drive through the winding woods, and make your first left into Wexford-on-the-Green. Bear right and drive up the long hill, passing up your opportunities to turn left onto more level ground. Stay on Old Troon Dr. until it makes a T with Gleneagles Rd. Turn left. Look for an apartment with an un-carved pumpkin out front. Park where you can.

So, um... cheese, huh?

Yup. And not just cultured dairy. Kevin Bacon movies, bad puns, Green Bay Packers hats, Mouse Trap, showing up with actual bells on--the whole nine yards. It is traditional for each guest of a Cheese Day party to show up with something cheesy for the hosts. Keeping it a secret and then presenting it in a cheesy manner is optional and highly encouraged. The hosts typically provide the cheesy movies and the cheesy main dishes: quesadillas and cheese sandwiches: toasted cheese, grilled cheese, and several other varieties including the infamous Digger and Dave's Jungle Fever. Cheesy snack foods, cheese and crackers, easy cheese... you can bring darned near anything.

If you plan to bring a cheesy movie, be forewarned: we do not have a VCR, but our Geek Room seats eight or nine, and we have the ability to play DVDs. Our television is small and does not have VCR hookups. If you want to bring a cheesy VHS (or Beta--now that would be cheesy!) tape, you will need to bring mechanisms for viewing it. Unless you want us to sit around and just watch the tape as it sits there on the table.

When does Cheese Day (Observed) start?

Quesologist scholars are torn on this question, but competing theories argue that moonrise, the arrival of the first guest, consumption of prima queso (the first cheese), consumption of first cheese by the first guest at moonrise... well, hell. We're probably waking up around 9 on Saturday, unless we have guests over for Friday night, in which case we'll wake up a little earlier. You're welcome to show up anytime Saturday.

How big is this party going to be?

Since we have very very limited space to keep people overnight (a, as in one, as in single, spare bed and several couches), I'm going to need RSVPs from whoever is coming. Variety is the spice of life, but showing up unannounced is not going to get you the bed. So far, the list of attendees includes:

What if I'm lactose-intolerant?

Intolerance is a disease we must all help conquer. Seriously, though: there will be some non-cheese foods there, and we will come up with something you can eat. If you can't make it, that's fine. We'll miss you dearly, and we'll see you...


* - sleeping space reserved at Chez Jurph. If you don't have a *, you can ask. We still have, by my very loose count, room to squeeze in two or three more noders on the floor.
** - car trouble SUCKS.

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