I was switching between two of them last night....
  1. I was some extra in the Star Wars universe, on an out-of-the-way planet like Tattooine that never got visited by any of the major characters. An associate of mine had just colluded with Darth Vader, passing him minor information on the Rebels. Vader presented him with a check for his services. It was a large non-round number, something like 7,092,298 credits.

    He was dumbfounded and awed at Vader's generosity, and coudn't stop thanking him, or speaking well of him for doing this. Personally, I wasn't so sure... I was betting that Vader thought (incorrectly) that my friend was a double agent for the Rebels, and that if he went to the bank to cash the check, he would be captured and tortured to death.

    My friend woudn't listen to my concerns, and kept going off on how awesome his check was, and how he would never have to worry about anything again. He was talking as though he had received a billion dollars, and I was trying to figure out in my head the local currency rate for credits to dollars.

  2. I went to the doctor to have him look at a skin flap that had been growing on my back that I wanted removed. He was less concerned with the skin flap than with a large boil that had been growing on my back, just out of sight. It was a dome of skin about an inch and a half around and half an inch high. When he pointed it out to me, I took another look at my back in the mirror, and discovered that there were actually about 8-10 of these things growing out of my back. A couple of them were an angry red. I wondered why I had never noticed them before, so I gave one an experimental poke, and discovered that wherever one of these things grew, I was totally numb.

    I switched back to the Star Wars dream, and when I switched back to this one, I was outside, wearing a plain white T-Shirt. A woman asked me what was happening to my back, so I seeked out a mirror and checked myself. Each of these growths was oozing pus, and my T-Shirt had become plastered to my back, and rendered translucent. Additionally, a couple of the growths had actually ruptured through the shirt, and was bleeding openly through the hole. Back to Star Wars again.

    In the last occurrence before I woke up, I was in the doctor's office again, hearing that the growths were actually incubators for the larvae of a large wasp-like creature about the same size and appearance as a dragonfly. The doctor was asking me if I wanted to have these growths removed now, or if I wanted to wait for the insects to hatch and fly off, then have the wounds treated. I thought that was a stupid question; why would I want to let these things keep growing inside me? The doctor's explanation wasn't very forthcoming, but the idea was, if we tried to get them out now, they might not be able to get out all the insect parts out of my body, plus the scars might be uglier. During the conversation, I was trying to think of how I could have picked up this condition.

Oddly enough, neither of these dreams were nightmares. I had a sense of detatchment that pervaded each one.